Jeff Bucher National TV Appearance on Mornings with Maria

Citizen Advisory Group President Jeff Bucher discusses the economy, social security, and market outlook on FOX Business Mornings with Maria. This video is now seen worldwide on,, and

Should You Take the Lump Sum or Annuity Payout?

Jeff Bucher discusses if you should take the annuity or the lump sum payment option when winning the big lotto. This interview appeared on 13abc when the Mega Millions drawing was at it’s largest jackpot ever.


5 Social Security Myths Worth Busting with Kevin Bucher

Deciding when to begin taking Social Security is not an easy feat. There are many factors to consider, such as health, wealth, and family. Kevin Bucher will give his views on misconceptions, myths, and flawed or at least confused- thinking on the best time to start taking social security benefits.


Sharon Gaeta and Jeff Bucher discuss potential IRS Tax Scams

A warning about a potential tax scam has been issued by the IRS, just in time for the start of tax season. If you owe back taxes to the IRS, you could soon get a call from a private debt collector. With so many phone scams circulating in the United States the IRS is warning consumers to be on high alert. Jeff Bucher and Sharon Gaeta from NBC24 discuss this potential scam.


Powerball Lump Sum vs. Annuity Breelynn Martin and Jeff Bucher

WTOL Toledo's Breelynn Martin talks about the powerball lump sum vs. annuity payouts with Jeff Bucher.


Four Tips to Make Retirement Savings Last

Jeff Bucher from Citizen Advisory Group in Perrysburg, Ohio discusses the 3 Biggest Concerns that People Have When Heading Into Retirement. Watch NBC24 'Better Retirement" with Citizen Advisory Group every Friday at 11am.


Jeff Discusses Holiday Shopping Tips with Tony Geftos of 13ABC Toledo


Jeff Bucher of Toledo, Ohio on Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson


Full Plate with Rebecca Regnier: Retirement Tips

Jeff Bucher Discusses His Retirement Checklist on WTOL 11

Jeff Bucher from Citizen Advisory Group in Toledo, Ohio discusses how to make your money last longer in retirement.