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Maximize Your Social Security Benefit

Citizen Advisory Group invites you to attend one of our complimentary Social Security seminars.  One of the most important phases of retirement planning is understanding your Social Security benefits.  Social Security is a retirement income source with some control and a variety of selections.  Join us for this presentation where we will discuss the basics of filing for Social Security and how to coordinate your benefits with your other sources of retirement income.

What You Need to Know About Social Security

Dinner Event Highlights:

  • Recent legal changes that limit some filing strategies
  • How Social Security is calculated and simple methods that could increase your benefits
  • What you need to know about spousal benefits
  • Important information about your benefits if you are divorced or widowed
  • The role that Social Security can play in your overall retirement plan

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Social Security Strategies and what to expect at our seminars

Kevin Bucher from Citizen Advisory Group Discussing Social Security with Charity Freeman from NBC24. Better Retirement can be seen every Friday at 11am on NBC24.