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Most financial advisors focus on strategies to assist you in your climb to the top-they tell you where to invest and how much to invest, they move your tools and goods around, and they make some room to play with risk. The problem is, they don't know much about strategies to assist you "after" you have reached the summit-retirement.

Changes in the condition of your life, in the lives of those around you, and in the world around you, become more pressing as you get ready to embark on "life after your working life." A successful retirement faces numerous threats: the national and global economies could tank, tax laws might change, illness could visit you or a loved one, and children or grandchildren might need college assistance-the list of "what ifs" is endless.

The View From the Summit truly takes the long view on retirement planning. On these pages you will be taken along a journey similar to that of Jeff and Kevin Buchers' clients. You will learn how the Buchers educate their clients on inflation, taxes, medical insurance, social security, and so on. You will see how they guide their clients with passion and expertise, in order to create an income plan that will protect their standard of living with certainty, while providing the flexibility needed to enjoy the desired extras.


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