Tips for Traveling in Retirement

You’ve worked hard your entire life, now you deserve to enjoy the retirement of your dreams.  What better way to enjoy retirement then by taking a vacation.  Here are a few tips to help save a little bit of money on your next vacation while still having an amazing time.

Reveal Your True Age

There are numerous different discounts that are available to those over a certain age.  For example, most airlines offer a discount of 10% or more to seniors.  Most people don’t know about these discounts since the discounts aren’t available online, they are only available by phone.

Hotel chains also offer senior discount programs.  There are even major hotel chains that give up to 50% off of your stay as a senior discount.  The best way to find out these discounts is by calling the hotel directly or the discount is also often listed on the company website.  Just like airline discounts, most of the time you will need to book your reservation over the phone for the discount.

Your AARP card will also unlock discounts at many hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, rental cars and much more. You can apply for the AARP card at the age of 50, while most other senior discounts start at age 55 or older.

Enjoy Free Entertainment Options

While on vacation there are countless things that you can do that won’t cost you a penny.  In the summer there are many festivals and museums that have free admission on certain days.   You may even be able to enjoy free live music, like a local band or symphony at one of the festivals.  Check out a list of upcoming events by going to the area chamber of commerce website for the city that you’re visiting.

Another free healthy entertainment option on your vacation includes taking a walk.  Take a stroll on the beach, enjoy a new park, or explore in a new area of a town that you’re visiting. 

Flexible Travel

One of the biggest ways to save money on traveling in retirement is simple - be flexible.  In retirement you have extra time on your hands and don’t have to worry about scheduling vacation time.  

Traveling mid-week and out of peak season can substantially lower the cost of your vacation. Flights and rooms are often cheaper on weekdays compared to weekends.  The savings that you incur being flexible may even help pay for your next trip.

Jeff Bucher is the President and co-founder of Citizen Advisory Group, a comprehensive financial services company in Perrysburg. You may contact him at 419-872-0204; email at; visit at 770 Commerce Dr., Perrysburg; or visit the website at