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Kiplinger Magazine March 2018 Article

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Youʼve Built Your Wealth. Are You Prepared to Spend It?

Your last 30 years are for living,” says Jeff Bucher, Retirement Advisor magazine’s 2016 Advisor of the Year.

Unfortunately, Bucher points out, too many individuals who carefully disciplined themselves so they could retire with a healthy nest egg aren’t confident they will have enough money to last. Their hard-earned money slips through the cracks due to excessive fees and taxes, healthcare costs and other expenses.

“It’s heartbreaking to meet families who are held hostage by the fear of running out of money during retirement,” says Bucher, the president and co-founder of Citizen Advisory Group in Perrysburg, Ohio. “Even those with considerable wealth can find themselves forgoing nice vacations and putting off necessary major purchases because they worry about the ‘what ifs.’”

Founded in 2006 by Jeffery Bucher and his brother Kevin Bucher, RICP®, Citizen Advisory Group is a full-service firm focusing on taking the mystery out of retirement. “Today’s retirees are in unchartered waters. They are the first generation to work without the benefit of pensions to provide guaranteed income streams. Making matters more challenging, they are living much longer, multiplying their risks with every passing year,” says Kevin who has earned a Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation from the American College of Financial Services and is a member of the National Ethics Association.

Both Jeffery and Kevin are Investment Advisor Representatives under AlphaStar Capital Management and SEC-Registered Investment Advisors. Committed to continuing education, they are among an exclusive list of financial advisors who are members of Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisory Group. They also tap into the resources of industry thought-leader Wade Pfau, Ph.D.

Working on Retirees' Behalf

Key to the Bucher’s approach is a conservative investment philosophy that minimizes risks and results in more value. “Advisors are constantly comparing their results in terms of returns But, at the end of the day, the return of your money is more important than the return on your money,” says Jeffery.

Citizen Advisory Group partners with clients. Rather than selling products, they take pre-retirees through a comprehensive system to create a customized, written plan that addresses income, investments, tax planning, health care, long-term care and legacy planning. “Often we find clients have unintentionally built completely disorganized investment portfolios without any consideration of tax implications and efficiencies,” says Kevin.

The brothers’ expertise in IRAs, annuities, life and health insurance, Social Security, pensions and more allow them to maximize every dollar earned and minimize losses due to taxes and other risks. Their goal is to carefully balance all holdings, including those at play in the market, so investors enjoy guaranteed income streams that will not be eroded by taxes, healthcare costs, the death of a spouse or inflation.

“The written plan is central to taking the mystery out of retirement,” concludes Jeffery. “If you plan your money, you’ll be able to give and live more than you thought possible.”

As Seen in Kiplinger's Personal Finance

March 2018